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Why train with Kapiti Heliworx?

Kapiti Heliworx is pleased to announce the formation of our training division. We are operating both our R44 and Bell 206 Jetranger for training at industry leading rates.

So why train with us?
The team at Kapiti Heliworx are not only qualified Flight Instructors, we are all also highly experienced Commercial Pilots who live and breathe aviation. As such, we can teach you to operate a helicopter safely, and cost-effectively. Being trained by experienced commercial pilots means you are trained to fly like a commercial pilot from day one, making you ready to work on completion of your course.

Within 10 minutes of our base you can be surrounded by mountains up to 5500 feet, making for cost effective training as ferry flying is reduced.

And finally - Kapiti Coast is a great place to live (Take it from a bloke who moved outta Auckland!)


Why train in the R44?
It is true, there are cheaper helicopters to train in than an R44 - so why should you spend the extra money? Firstly the R44 is the most popular helicopter in the world, there are more R44's produced now than even the R22, which is also a popular training helicopter.

Secondly, as a private pilot, it is the most likely helicopter you are going to purchase post-training if you choose to go down that route. Also as a Commercial Pilot, it is most likey the helicopter you will fly on your first flying job - reducing training cost for your new employer.


So, Whats the process?
If you have got this far, then you are seriously considering Pilot Training. The first step is pretty simple, come in and talk to us! After that, we suggest going for a 30 minute trial flight with one of our instructors ($600). Here you will see if flying really is for you. The trial flight isn't about seeing how good you are (no one can fly a helicopter off the bat) but simply to see if you enjoy it.

Once you have decided to get started, you will need to do an Aviation Medical, theres 6 exams to do, and the practical flight training. Most of our students sit their exams while they complete the practical training, as a bit of flying experience makes the exams quite a bit easier.  Once you complete the flying training, pass the exams and the flight checks along the way, you will sit your practical test. This involves a flight and some theory with a CAA approved examiner., you then submit all the paperwork to CAA and your good to go!


Originally from Levin, Jeremy began flying in 2003, and is a C Category Instructor. Working in a variety of roles in the industry Jeremy has a good appreciation of what it takes to become a commercial Helicopter Pilot. Jeremy manages the office and flies both the Jetranger and the R44…

Instructor Profile: Dennis Young
June 5, 2016

Dennis started flying many years ago in Auckland. He has held a wide range of positions in the industry, making him a true all round pilot. Five years ago Dennis made the leap and started Kapiti Heliworx. With over 3000 hours, Dennis is our most experienced pilot, and our Operations Manager…